Citizen's Wallets

Paiblock helps users keep things simple and digital.

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ID Cards

The first personal card which this features allow you to store and manage is the national ID card. Surpassing the traditional form, this feature help customers to prevent problems cause by losing or forgetting the card.


Vaccination Cards

Feeding of the same technical solution, this features allow customers to store personal vaccination cards, reducing the risk caused by the lack of this card inhealth related situations.


Social Sec. Cards

Similarly, this features allow customers to store Social Security cards, enabling them to always being able to rely on the services provided by this card.



Leveraging the same technology solution and providing similar benefit this features allow customer to store and manage their passports.


Driving License

Once again, moving forward on the path to provide an exhaustive digital solution, this features allow customers to store and manage their driving license reducing the risk of problems related to the loss or lack of this card in different situations.


Library Cards

With millions of libraries cards issued every year in plastic form, Paiblock is now allowing libraries to push library cards to any Paiblock users anywhere at any time.




Residence Permit

Why carry a plastic card when you could have a digital one. With Paiblock immigration authorities now have the option and the technology to push your Green Card or residence permit into your Paiblock.


Voter Cards

Paiblock allows election authorities to push your voter’s card into Paiblock, making it easy and convenient for you to vote.

Paiblock is supervised by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finantilsynet). FTID 41046