Personal Wallets

Paiblock aims to bring the experience of a traditional cloud network to mobile phones, with the capacity to store everything that is hosted in a wallet.

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Access Cards

Access cards are assiduous items which fill-up the wallet of many different people, from student to business man. The personal wallet allow those persons to group all their access card together, in a digital form, and use them with no waste of time or risk to ruin or lose them.


Payment Cards

Connected to your bank account, this features allow you to use credit, debit and payment cards efficiently; by leveraging NFC, QR code tehnologies and the fundemental benefit of digital payments. Moreover it allows you to manage valid and expired card easily with a built-in management tools.


Loyalty cards

Moreover, you can push the loyalty cards you have on your leather wallet, here, in a digital form, and manage them easily with the tools provided inside this feature.


Business Cards

Similarly to the loyalty cards, is posible to digilise the standard Business Car that generally are carries inside in the leather wallet, and to distribute and manage them easily with this feature.



Taking into consideration the accounting side, instead, the wallet allow you to store your bills and keep under control the count of paid and unpaid bills, with the functions built-in this tools..



Similarly to the previous function, this features allow customers to store the receipts in a digital form and to have it available for any necessity. Moreover, it allow an easy management without the hassle caused by the physical version.


Travel tickets

Leveraging the same technology in a different context, the wallet allow to push travel tickets inside the wallet in a digital form; where the customer can benefit from the power of this tools, storage wise and management wise.



Once again, with this feature the customer can push events ticket inside the wallet and gain the benefit provided by the technology, storage and management wise.


Boarding Passes

Moving another step forward toward the digitalization of the entire leather wallet, this feature allow the customer to push boarding passes inside the wallet and benefit from digital storage and built-in managemet solutions.

Paiblock is supervised by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (Finantilsynet). FTID 41046