Earn and manage cashback in 16 currencies.


Cashback wallet is the ideal place to keep your cashback, points and miles

Cashback wallets allow you to receive, use and transfer your cashback balance at any time. To start receiving cashback from your purchases, start your shopping journey now in the Paiblock app.

What is cashback and how can it benefit me?

With Paiblock shopping you can shop directly through Paiblock, while earning discount rewards. You simply open Paiblock app, go to the marketplace and from there you can start shopping your favorite brands.

When you have paid, the discounted percentage will be transferred back to your cashback account within 14-23 weeks of the purchase.


Earn cashback
everytime your shop

  • 01Cashback card
  • Shop locally with a Loyalty Merchant

  • Present your Cashback card at the till

  • Look forward to cashback and emojis

  • 02Your cashback

You can find your Cashback Card on your Personal Wallets either the Paiblock website or on your mobile app. Bonus Is payable within 14-23 weeks to your bank account.

  • 03Cashback
  • Log into

  • Click on Community

  • Select an online shop and start shopping

  • Collect Cashback end Emojis