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Gather and connect all the dots of your digital life in one secure place. Paiblock ticks all the boxes and allows you to simply get on with your life.


In-app banking

Paiblock In-app banking allows you to get a better overview of your finances across accounts, banks and countries.

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Personal wallets

Receive, store and use your payment cards, loyalty cards, tickets, boarding passes, receipts, keycards and invoices from service providers and merchants globally using Paiblock.


Citizen's wallets

Citizen’s wallets have been to designed to help you receive, store and use government issued personal identification media, such as ID cards, library cards, student cards, residence permit, voter card, visa, driving license, social security cards, passports and digital ID credentials.



Leverage Paiblock to access your checking, savings and mortgage accounts, view and share balance and transaction history, and Send money to friends and families around the world.


Paiblock is social

Connect and chat with friends, upload a family photo, create or join a shopping group in your area.